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sobota, 25 kwietnia 2009
Arnalds twitters in net

Since the phenomenon of microblogging madness had been hyping the Twitter, not only pop stars nor heavyweights from independent scene want to take advantage of its benefit. Like the recent activities by frontman of The Streets band, Mike Skinner, who make their the freshest records accessible altogether for free in Internet, this case was stalking by Erased Tapes Records, the small British label. Just couple days ago, it put across a campaign with one of its stellar figures, neoclassical composer from Iceland, prodigious Olafur Arnalds.

hazy Olafur Arnalds

His an emergence two years ago has reaffirmed certain undeniable fact. That in spite of being a tiny country, Iceland has been abounding in novel, uncanny individuals who enchant their extraordinary flamboyances, time and again. That was either in case of "Eulogy for Evolution", Olafur debut album. Thus, it's really hard to disregard the power of the Internet, nowadays. And in particular, the up to date its brainchilds like: social networks, blogs and microblogs.

This last, aforementioned an e-feature was made the most by Erases Tape Records label. With Arnalds assistance, they has carried out quite an interestring e-PR project. It had unfolded that this Icelandic composer post up daily new composition within week (from 13 to 20 April) along with announce these steps at his Twitter profile. Coming to the point, one unique song each day. The paramount importance is pointed out by context of creation essence. Olafur was obliged to add up every tune by no later than 24 hours. And so then, its weekly challenges was wrapped out "Found Songs", the collection of seven, brand-new tracks, which you can download completely free from project's website.

Yet, Arnadls rune craft has jelled to more wider properties. Fragile and doveish strings, cherubic piano tones, plain elusive leitmotiv. Astoundingly frugal and humble specimen of art. The profound of music's poetry, what both really heartbreaking and cathartic. Another touch of neoclassical masterpiece in your hands. With "Song Found", I can contemplate ad infinitum.

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