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wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2009
Nonstop GusGus

Named themselves as "Three men techno-monster", those Icelandic guys have switched another label for a following album. They're nodding towards minimal protagonist, Cologne-based Kompakt label. For which GusGus trio has compiled its 6th studio album, "24/7". I exactly remember when they were more eclectic, more experimental on the edge of downtempo, jazz and techno (hint "Polydistortion"). But since "Forever" released, they began more banging electro-tech pop project.

album cover - source:

In spite of date's release of "24/7", which was set in the middle of September, I've got an opportunity to peer into their the newest album. It contains of six track, and couple of them are kind of concert-length tunes such as "Add This Song" (gushing its solid tech-house shape) or "On The Job" (romantic trancey, marching arrangement). Surprisingly, those guys were invited Finnish oddball, Jimi Tenor, who impacted on sinewy structures of "Take Me Baby".

Overall, if you can live down a transition between Depeche Mode, Junior Boys and Underworld, it's more than dead sure that you will like their party, techno-trance blends. Some of them are available at GusGus's Myspace. Let's also look at this video, in which those musicians from Reykjavik tell about their incoming album.

środa, 12 sierpnia 2009
The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble hobbles the dragons

Let's try imagine a combination between arcane, psychedelic Lustmord and close-grained, hefty Massive Attack with noir jazz spirits of Bohren & der Club of Gore. It's indeed this Dutch, Bong Ra's collective. After their self-titled album dropped in 2006 for Planet Mu label, The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble has changes a direction, going through Berlin-based Ad Noiseam where their second studio album, "Here Be Dragons", will be released in October.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble band

This year is under banner of increasing activities by The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble. Especially for Ad Noiseam label which was begun in form of issue "Mutations EP". Now it's incoming their sophomore album. Unfortunately, I couldn't stipulate too many facts related to "Here Be Dragons". It's as sure as egg is egg that The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble second full-length effort will be preceded by Here Be Piggies - the special EP being an outcome of liaison of Bong Ra's band with Trent Reznor's group Nine Inch Nails. This issue is still without any details so far, though. It was just a April fool!, which i've stupidly involved ;). What a shame I've not read a post date earlier, thus I've treat it as a fact. A simply oversight.

As this band noticed on their blog, the main sound engineer of "Here Be Dragons" is Patrick Pulsinger, savvy and versatile German musician based in Vienna who's basically associated with nu jazz/ deep house scene. I deeply believe Patrick helps them to stronger enhance new band's concept. Ad Noiseam described that thanks to "Here Be Dragons" album, Bong Ra's group "have now reached maturity as a full band and explore new directions". But time will tell. Currently it's available only one track called "Embers" which you can check out at Ad Noiseam website. In my book, it's likely be a lurking usher for whole "Here Be Dragons". For reminder as well as soothe this wait, I'd like recalling two mystic tunes from "Mutations EP": Shadow, Avian Lung.

niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009
Anti Pop Consortium alters itself

The truely heiresses of Public Enemy and De La Soul heritage, those top-notch four New Yorkers have a plan to go back their golden period when they had been caught 75 Ark's and Warp's eyes, after reunite last year. That is, an ensuing Anti Pop Consortium album, "Fluorescent Black", which was cranked out for Big Dada. As a one of two longplays for Will Ashon label, it will be released in magic date - 9 September, 2009.

album sleeve

They're phenomenal and the phenomenon as well. Since a day of their sonic appearance, American hip hop movement has set a new course. And now it's approaching an another chapter of this modus operandi. After separate activities (Beans' solo efforts; High Priest along with M.Sayyid as Airborn Audio), Anti Pop Consortium had resumed its a quadruple speech. Thus, "Fluorescent Black" epitomizes brand-new, still quick-witted lines and distinct, advanced arrangements which have been pulling together for few-years of temporary split.

If you are wondering how they will be sounding, bear in mind some facts. Until now, there's available two of seventeen tracks. One of them, "Apparently", you can free download from here. Its cosmic, electro-body languages, plethora of frothing bass. It's wired me up entirely. Another one, "Capricorn One", it's only for listen here. To be frank, I rather like this one - severe, clear beats, wheezy synths and some obsolete, analogue bleeps. Moreover, when I was browsing their Myspace few months ago, I had stumbled upon "Volcano". Though I couldn't find it now, weird...

Even so, I don't have no objections, uttering my great admiration what Anti Pop Consortium want to conceive this time. I'm pondering that "Fluorescent Black" is likely to represent the first-class of cutting edge, insouciant hip hop, doesn't it? I can't await to sample its plucky belly.

wtorek, 04 sierpnia 2009
Vibert unveils the cranky voices

Well, well. This upfront electronic oddball (only Aphex Twin can live him up) ships to albums' trilogy developed for Planet Mu label. Anyone who doesn't know who he is, and what he has archieved, certainly can't make out what brands such as Mo Wax or Warp Records are. But anyway, Luke Vibert recorded a following longplay, "We Hear You", which will be dropped in next Monday (10 August).

album sleeve

Although he has a seat of honour in circle of idm bigwigs, he has always been a music rolling stone. But he know the ropes. Thus, Vibert's newest album must be a motley, though without signs of a desultoriness. It seems to be like this thanks to samples of "We Hear You" which you can stream/ download from Planet Mu website. Thirteen tracks resound a fricking peculiar combinations of electronic array. Something what you could listen before, as well as the unco otherness.

As you know Luke can't afford to not insert some spatial, oblique dubstep havocs or bouncy electro hip hop elements. Broadly speaking, every tune was filled other sonic consistency. A coarse technoish spin, comic, zany downtempo, acid-nutty banging squelches, chic house, refined 4x4 Kraftwerk-que electro - a veritable, flickering electronic roller coaster. Vibert will never last in one place, oh sorry - tone. His album presages being as strangely compelling as usual.

sobota, 01 sierpnia 2009
Comfort Fit shuffles many times

The forerunner of netlabel underground as well as the core of demo scene movement, Tokyo Dawn Records, is preparing to issue third album composed by Comfort Fit. This German eclectic, chiefly hip hop, producer comes back after 4-year hiatus, finally. I've glimpsed at what it will be.

album cover

Honestly I don't know many hip hop producers aus Deutschland (besides Jr & Ph7 duo), thus he's an exception. I've stumbled upon his efforts when he had shipped with his sophomore album, Forget and Remember, which it tuned out being debut longplay for Tokyo Dawn Records as well. It seems he was very busy (making adverts for huge companies: Mercedes-Benz; Sony-Ericsson and so on), slightly neglecting his profile as a musician.

But Comfort Fit totally suddenly returns. Providing over hour-length material with many surprises. I mean the couple cooperations in terms of using vocal opportunities. "Polyshufflez" features don't tell me anything. Maybe apart from Edee Dee Pee from Blaktroniks, who released one EP for Tokyo Dawn Records too, and multifaced British artist Howard Mark. Though I focused on strictly instrumental aspect, so I will bypass rest of them. After listening "Polyshufflez" snippets (mixed in form of 7-minute long tune which you may download from here) it heralds like a poised collection of dusty, trippy advanced hip hop, endemic rap and more rough urban quirky hybrids.

The most weirdness thing related to "Polyshufflez" is its release date. On the one hand, Tokyo Dawn Records informed about on 14th of August. However, on the other hand, you can already buy those 22 tracks via Amazon. Even so, take a glance at interview with Comfort Fit available on Youtube.

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