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wtorek, 31 marca 2009
Waxolutionists in the true colors

The turntablism-producers' tycoon in the European hip hop scene - Austrian Waxolutionists trio - is going to address on incoming album. Although, it has token them "a little", all signs indicate it was truly worth waiting almost five years. "We Paint Colors" album is due to get on April 6th from Supercity label.

album cover

The Vienna city has a knack for possessions not only a tremendous historical heritage of culture, but either that its citizens have strong influenced on the advancement of different music genres. Yesterday I hinted about eclectic downtempo duo, Tosca , and now I will be talking about the beatsmiths, Waxolutionists. The three Austrial guys, which (in my book) keep a tight rein on turntablism's movement in Europe, along with Britons from Scratch Perverts, palpably. Currently maybe not so much like the few years ago. Because they have been steadily heading to strict producer project year-on-year. Further taking in view of recent Waxolutionists album, "Counter Flight", that has issued more than four years ago. Even despite a lapse of time, I evoke seamy, rugged, illbient sounds of Slangdunk or funky, party banger, Get the Picture with more than just a pure relish.

Waxolutionists trio - author: Bubu Dujmic

And that was a way, what DJ Buzz, The Bionic Kid and DJ Zuzze have marked out, that is to say, creating highly diversity albums, wherein hip hop is not seeking a nexus with funk or jazz only, though with ample electronic music too. Needless to say, that on "We Paint Colors" will be not otherwise. Maybe before I will cut to the sound point, I'm saying some words regarding with guests-speakers, because don't fall short of them here. Waxolutionists mates have revamped relations with their contryman, Manuva (not mix up with Roots Manuva), who hooked up with them on two albums ("Plastic People", "The Smart Blip Experience"), and DJ Vadim (he has being involved in arrangement process of one track form "Counter Flight"). In addition, I also should mention two mic-spinners: Blu and Rich Medina. As I previously concerned, these Austrian don't have one-track mind.

Besides, their second name is remarkable sonic tumbling. There will be no shortage both a pinch of mild, succulent nu soul and a palette of classic, catchy hip hop with fiercely vibrant groove, as well as the jazz recalls, the hefty trip hop stomps plugged into trace amounts of turntablism skills by Waxolutionists, like in "Freifach Musik 3" it is. In the beginning, "We Paint Color" was being released by Sunshine Enterprises label. Eventually, Supercity will reveal it. The Vienna-based label, that is mostly known from albums such ventures as: Phonosapiens formation and Jr & Ph7 duo, so far. With major samples of these tracks you may acquaint on Supercity's subpage. If you're wondering, how works under "Take This Job" have been proceeding (with rappers from Indianapolis, The Mudkids, engaged), you will need to check out this video.

Obrazkowy Waxolutionists

Turntablistyczno-producencki potentat na europejskiej scenie hip hop - austriackie trio Waxolutionists przemawia kolejnym albumem. Trochę im to jednak zajęło, ale wszystko wskazuje na to, że warto było czekać prawie pięć lat. Album "We Paint Colors" będzie już do zdobycia od 6 kwietnia nakładem wytwórni Supercity.

okładka albumu

Miasto Wiedeń ma to do siebie, że może pochwalić się nie tylko ogromną, historyczną spuścizną kultury, ale także tym, iż jej mieszkańcy wpływają na rozwój różnych muzycznych gatunków. Wczoraj wspomniałem o downtempowym duecie Tosca, a dzisiaj będzie mowa o Waxolutionists. O trzech austriackich kolesiach, którzy razem z Brytyjczykami z Scratch Perverts trzymają moim zdaniem ostro turntablistyczne cugle w Europie. No może nie tak mocno, jak kilka lat temu. Bo z roku na rok coraz bardziej zmierzają oni do bycia producenckim projektem. Którego ostatni album Waxolutionists "Counter Flight" pojawił się ponad cztery lata temu. Mimo upływu czasu, z miłą chęcią przywołuje mroczne, szorstkie, illbientowe dźwięki numeru Slangdunk czy funkowe, imprezowe brzmienie Get the Picture.

trio Waxolutionists - fot. Bubu Dujmic

I właśnie tym się DJ Buzz, The Bionic Kid i DJ Zuzee wyróżniali, że tworzyli bardzo zróżnicowane albumy, na którym hip hop nie tylko poszukuje swoich związków z funkiem czy jazzem, ale także elektroniką. Nie inaczej będzie na krążku "We Paint Colors". Może zanim przejdę do samych dźwięków, kilka słów na temat zaproszonych gości, bo ich tutaj nie brakuje. Chłopaki z Waxolutionists odświeżyli kontakt z kajanem Manuva (nie mylić z Roots Manuva), który pojawił się na ich dwóch albumach ("Plastic People" 2002 i "The Smart Blip Experience"), oraz DJ Vadimem (razem z nim stworzyli jedno z nagrań na "Counter Flight"). Do tego warto jeszcze wspomnieć o Blue czy Rich Medinie. Jak wcześniej wspomniałem ci Austriacy nie zamykają się sobie klapek na oczach.

Ich drugie imię to ekwilibrystyka. Nie zabraknie zarówno szczypty nu soulu, wytrawnego hip hopu z niesamowicie tętniącym groove, jazzowych odwołań, mocnych triphopowych kroków spiętych ze śladowymi ilości turntablistycznych umiejętności Waxolutionists, jak to jest w "Freifach Musik 3". Początkowo "We Paint Colors" miał zostać wydany przez wytwórnię Sunshine Enterprises. Ostatnie pojawi się nakładem Supercity. Do tej pory zasłynęła ona z albumów Phonosapiens czy duetu Jr & Ph7. Z fragmentami większości kompozycji możecie zapoznać się na podstronie internetowej oficyny Supercity. Po za tym powstał klip pokazujący, jak przebiegały prace przy nagraniu "Take This Job", do którego zaangażowano amerykański duet The Mudkids.

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poniedziałek, 30 marca 2009
Fearless Tosca

The leading representatives of the Austrian downtempo scene, who were tended to the G-Stone's triumph in the international soundscape, Richard Dorfmeister and Rupert Huber duo goes on their common venture, Tosca project. At the end of April, they will burgeon along with their brand-new album, "No Hassle". Its title is prompted that have shruged the critical, poor stands of "J.A.C.", their last longplay, off.

album sleeve

These, thereinbefore, unlucky press and bad patch around Tosca are, finally, looking up to the end, I hope so. Their recent album, "J.A.C.", was bleak, barren and jejune for me, that after its hearing I've got a grievance to myself I toke up that disc, in general. But everything points out to the fact, that Rupert together with Richard had deeply had to heart the chain of disapprovals by slightly shifting their sonic sence. Like lately Jacaszek managed, either they have been seeking their, own a source of afflatus in the church force, which its design allows to conjuring up the extraordinaly sound effects. Thus, was born the fifth Tosca album. As they announced in their video interview, "No Hassle" longplay will be a music massage exclusive of aimed to come into being on the radio.

Tosca duo - author: Marcus Rossle

They underscored a equilibrium between not too much melanged lounge neither too vigorous clubbing vibes. The producer's equipoise of power and laidback, which their duality were stemed the mutual, purely intuitive works. Personally, this upcoming, the newest Tosca duo stuff brings to mind me the junction atmopshere of "Cafe Del Mar" series along with Pete Namlook and Gabriel Le Mar's album, "Namlook. Le Mar". It will embrace a little holiday, soothing house as emerging the sun ("Elektra Bregenz"), or rainy, languorous downtempo ("Elitsa"). They also let deep house all things hang out ("Springer"), as well as doped nujazz ( "No Hassle"). On their brand-new album, Huber & Dorfmeister duo as have strenched the spacial sonic space between complex, colourful chillout and vintage house, as they scrutinize measure the distance from Vienna to Ibiza.

"No Hassle" longplay will release April 20th by Studio !K7 efforts. Album is promoted by "My First" song's clip, then seemly website where you my listen first five of the dozen compositions belonged to fifth Tosca album, and overtake video review's mentioned above as well.

Nieustraszona Tosca

Czołowi przedstawiciele austriackiej sceny downtempo, dzięki którym marka G-Stone wpisała się w międzynarodowy muzyczny krajobraz, duet Richard Dorfmeister i Rupert Huber kontynuują swoje wspólne przedsięwzięcie, jakim jest project Tosca. Pod koniec kwietnia zawitają razem ze swoim nowym albumem "No Hassle". Jego nazwa sugeruje, iż nie przejęli się krytycznym odbiorem "J.A.C." - ich ostatniego longplaya.

okładka albumu

Owa zła prasa i passa wokół Tosca mam nadzieję, że wreszcie biegnie ku końcowi. Dla mnie samego ich ostatni album był tak nudny, jałowy i bezpłciowy, że po jego wysłuchaniu miałem do siebie pretensje, iż w ogóle się nim zająłem. Wszystko wskazuje na to, iż Richard i Rupert wzięli do serca dezaprobatę zmieniając nieco stylistykę. Podobnie jak ostatnio Jacaszek, także źródła swoich inspiracji szukali w kościele, którego architektura pozwala na wydobycie niezwykłych muzycznych efektów. I tak narodził się ich piąty album. Jak zapowiadają to w swoim wideo wywiadzie, "No Hassle" będzie muzycznym masażem, którego nie sposób będzie usłyszeć w radiu.

duet Tosca - fot. Markus Rossle

Postawili oni na balans pomiędzy tym, aby pamiętał nie był zbyt lounge'owy, ani też zbyt wyskokowy. Producencka równowaga, która wzięła się we wspólnej, czysto intuicyjnej pracy. Osobiście najnowszy materiał duetu Tosca przypomina mi skrzyżowanie klimatów z kompilacji z serii "Cafe Del Mar" z albumem "Namlook. Le Mar" autorstwa Pete Namlooka i Gabriela Le Mar. Będzie trochę wakacyjnego house'u niczym wschodzące słońce ("Elektra Bregenz") czy deszczowe, rozmarzone downtempo. Rozluźnili oni strukturę deep house ("Springer"), jak i uśpili nujazz ("No Hassle"). Na swoim najnowszym albumie duet Dorfmeister & Huber rozciąga muzyczną przestrzeń pomiędzy chilloutem a house'm, jaki dzieli Wiedeń od Ibizy.

Longplay "No Hassle" pojawi się 20 kwietnia nakładem Studio !K7. Krążek promuje teledysk do utworu "My First", a także strona internetowa, na której możecie posłuchać pierwszych pięciu z dwunastu kompozycji piątego albumu Tosca oraz zapoznać się z wideo wywiadem, o którym wcześniej wspomniałem.

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niedziela, 29 marca 2009
Allied conquest with The Prodigy

No-no, they haven't jabbed by modern, still shifting and changing trends, rather a sanity as well as a creative restraint forfended. And even though I am not absolutely chuffed with the "Invaders Must Die" album, I have to admit them the one thing. They are the true icons (with a capital "T" and "I") of outstanding breedy, extremely rip-roaring (at an angle of artistic lavishing too) period of invasion of British rave. 

album sleeve - source:

Still the few weeks ago, I was severly anxious about how intentions the Liam Howlett's team would like to adduce on up-to-date album. Certainly everything was encircled with clip to the title composiotion, that has revealed in internet. I had uttered (and honestly strictly business) by then, "no way, it shouldn't be a true, world is decaying". I either thought "plastic, fantastic" (massive fast buck) subdued souls of these Brit people. The couple weeks betoken by suspense and elevated level of psychosomatic tension. Until to unveling of a successive video, which bobed up unexpectedly. That time was issued to "Omen" track. Thanks this sharp vid, my previous objections to "Invaders Must Die" have dissolved.

An quite my exhibitionism was taken out from this, but my every making contact with The Prodigy music was always kind of form of a sanctity. Bacause they (together with Michael Jackson and the few other artists, likewise bands) have been afforded me hearing the independent sounds from the West for the first time in my life. So far, on sounds stem from "No Good" track (enhanced in well-matched clip) I have played out rapturously with level of ecstacy like 7-year old little boy who attitudes at present to his first communion. And two, were pointed out by me prior, tunes with their ambivalent bearings from The Prodigy brand-new album shows, that those fellows are struggle to combine the old direction with the new waves. And the outcomes are quite fruitful.

It sometimes works out curiously well: "Omen", in the first instance, for its stark, 101-percent volcano of underground energy directly taken out from rave era, "Take Me to the Hospital", its grime, raw with peculiar anarchy's decadency, although enriched by the chessy chords ridiculously borrowed from the one of their earlier albums. So it was a clear sailing, and now I will walk slightly uphill, that is to say the few places where those boys have screwed up. They come unstuck me far and away in the title's tune. It sounds like The Prodigy band want to give their a run for Aussie Pendulum money.  I even may inject "Colours", a rocking hog-wash of chip-head, that I can wrap up (sorry for that kind of labeling) to a kitbag with whole pseudo-independent-individual, hoity-toity guitar recordings also known as "nu rave" tag.

These British wombats don't leave an illusion, that they won't be neither sweet, nor sour, nor bitter. Their main aim was assumed to nest something in the middle of it and they have accomplished forming this disc. Caused euphoric increase blood pressure, as well as damping such exaggerated expectations by chilly rock shower. Even so, "Invaders Must Die" album will kick up a stink about itself. Moreover, now it's as clear as daylight who was and who wasn't real raver after years. Of course, some of you may not agree in my opision, but Fatboy Slim, Junkie XL, The Chemical Brothers or Stereo MCs have burned out and gone much shortcut long time ago. And those that have been establishing rave history (The Propellerheads, Leftfield, The Future Sound of London, Fluke, The Wiseguys) are kept our minds only few of us. On afield have survived: Asian Dub Foundation, Fun Da Mental and The Prodigy team as well. The true of true in place of rigid, dummy bubble-gum artists.

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