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Vibert unveils the cranky voices

Well, well. This upfront electronic oddball (only Aphex Twin can live him up) ships to albums' trilogy developed for Planet Mu label. Anyone who doesn't know who he is, and what he has archieved, certainly can't make out what brands such as Mo Wax or Warp Records are. But anyway, Luke Vibert recorded a following longplay, "We Hear You", which will be dropped in next Monday (10 August).

album sleeve

Although he has a seat of honour in circle of idm bigwigs, he has always been a music rolling stone. But he know the ropes. Thus, Vibert's newest album must be a motley, though without signs of a desultoriness. It seems to be like this thanks to samples of "We Hear You" which you can stream/ download from Planet Mu website. Thirteen tracks resound a fricking peculiar combinations of electronic array. Something what you could listen before, as well as the unco otherness.

As you know Luke can't afford to not insert some spatial, oblique dubstep havocs or bouncy electro hip hop elements. Broadly speaking, every tune was filled other sonic consistency. A coarse technoish spin, comic, zany downtempo, acid-nutty banging squelches, chic house, refined 4x4 Kraftwerk-que electro - a veritable, flickering electronic roller coaster. Vibert will never last in one place, oh sorry - tone. His album presages being as strangely compelling as usual.

wtorek, 04 sierpnia 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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