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Nonstop GusGus

Named themselves as "Three men techno-monster", those Icelandic guys have switched another label for a following album. They're nodding towards minimal protagonist, Cologne-based Kompakt label. For which GusGus trio has compiled its 6th studio album, "24/7". I exactly remember when they were more eclectic, more experimental on the edge of downtempo, jazz and techno (hint "Polydistortion"). But since "Forever" released, they began more banging electro-tech pop project.

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In spite of date's release of "24/7", which was set in the middle of September, I've got an opportunity to peer into their the newest album. It contains of six track, and couple of them are kind of concert-length tunes such as "Add This Song" (gushing its solid tech-house shape) or "On The Job" (romantic trancey, marching arrangement). Surprisingly, those guys were invited Finnish oddball, Jimi Tenor, who impacted on sinewy structures of "Take Me Baby".

Overall, if you can live down a transition between Depeche Mode, Junior Boys and Underworld, it's more than dead sure that you will like their party, techno-trance blends. Some of them are available at GusGus's Myspace. Let's also look at this video, in which those musicians from Reykjavik tell about their incoming album.

wtorek, 25 sierpnia 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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