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Anti Pop Consortium alters itself

The truely heiresses of Public Enemy and De La Soul heritage, those top-notch four New Yorkers have a plan to go back their golden period when they had been caught 75 Ark's and Warp's eyes, after reunite last year. That is, an ensuing Anti Pop Consortium album, "Fluorescent Black", which was cranked out for Big Dada. As a one of two longplays for Will Ashon label, it will be released in magic date - 9 September, 2009.

album sleeve

They're phenomenal and the phenomenon as well. Since a day of their sonic appearance, American hip hop movement has set a new course. And now it's approaching an another chapter of this modus operandi. After separate activities (Beans' solo efforts; High Priest along with M.Sayyid as Airborn Audio), Anti Pop Consortium had resumed its a quadruple speech. Thus, "Fluorescent Black" epitomizes brand-new, still quick-witted lines and distinct, advanced arrangements which have been pulling together for few-years of temporary split.

If you are wondering how they will be sounding, bear in mind some facts. Until now, there's available two of seventeen tracks. One of them, "Apparently", you can free download from here. Its cosmic, electro-body languages, plethora of frothing bass. It's wired me up entirely. Another one, "Capricorn One", it's only for listen here. To be frank, I rather like this one - severe, clear beats, wheezy synths and some obsolete, analogue bleeps. Moreover, when I was browsing their Myspace few months ago, I had stumbled upon "Volcano". Though I couldn't find it now, weird...

Even so, I don't have no objections, uttering my great admiration what Anti Pop Consortium want to conceive this time. I'm pondering that "Fluorescent Black" is likely to represent the first-class of cutting edge, insouciant hip hop, doesn't it? I can't await to sample its plucky belly.

niedziela, 09 sierpnia 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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