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Sessional and collective Herbaliser

For nearly whole music track record, this jazz-hip hop project of Jake Wherry and Ollie Teeba was an epitome of Ninja Tune wackiness. However, it has been changed in recent year, for the time being only, hopefully. The reason lies in Berlin-based label, !K7 Records, which has released their lastest album, "Same As It Never As". And now this German entity prepares their following issue which will be available in August.

album sleeve

Do you remember their keen, alive longplay called "Session One"? Probably it was the only one album, which The Herbaliser band dropped on their own cost by Department H imprint. If you can't colligate it by on means, so I hint that a brimful funky groove of 70s movies in form of one tune, Missing Suitcase, was put in this plate. But those guys are coming back along with those patterns' affairs after nine-years long break. Thus, it wasn't any enigma that they want to entitle this disc like ... just "Session 2".

Embrancing their resumed roots, rolled out a plate assembling eleven compositions. Even their process of development is peculiar. It emerged that we will stand a change listening their quite novel, as well as a very old, even 12 years old, tracks on this album. Getting into the swing of an evolutionary chain this project hence - from 2-person London's venture what had been transforming into 5-piece and eventually 7-piece incredible quick-witted band. And like a continuation was concerned, The Herbaliser crew has strongly stressed hip hop and acid jazz mostly, that is, a painstalking concoction of vibrating and engrossing stuff. On "Session 2" swims in the knotty jazz-funk fuss. A string of audible themes directly taken from an fanficul blaxploitation at full throttle.

As a matter of fact, I don't need to say you nothing more, becase you can find out this the hard way. Being a serious label which watches over every its issues carefully, !K7 Records has conceived the internet PR campaign, quite neat, this time too. So it's not otherwise in case of The Herbaliser newest album. It established a special website, from which you can listen four compositions (trancey, foggy acid jazz incarnation in "Another Mother", for instance), as well as, heck, download another for free, robust hip hop jam "Geddim!". Oh yeah!

wtorek, 30 czerwca 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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