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German reliability by Tur

Far and away, to the German big wigs, who extraordinarily positively have recorded on cards of house music, belong: Ian Pooley, Mousse T., Terry Lee Brown Junior, The Timewriter  or Boris Dlugosch. But everything point out that's a turn enhancing to new generation represented by profic producer, Manuel Tur.

album cover

And all it's due to debut album by this dweller of Hesse, wherefrom Heiko Laux derives, as well. Until now, Manuel has released many EPs for various German as well as British labels. Albeit, as it usually happens - the biggest challenge for every rising producer is almost composing a complex, long-conceptual-issue, the longplay indeed. Before I heard 0201 outcomes, I had expected nothing special, taking them in stride. In spite of fact Tur has been operating on house music scene for six years, none of his compositions haven't been born in my mind, unfortunately,

However, I'm dead sure that it was changing by dint of "Passtelise" and "Rubicond" - two the newest Manuel works which they will be remembered by me, as well as are revealing about an enourmous potential of this 22-years-old musican. Certainly, he has gifted a vast possibilities and skills, combining a noble black music, soulful but slightly drowsy dance rhythm and a superb string parts. It wasn't a state secret that it could be figured to him, though. More surprises are cloaked in the rest of this album. I didn't utter "surprises" pointless here, because Tur turns out from completely other side. Being an experimentator who teases out a novel sound forms from the lavish field of ambient, downtempo and pinch of dubstep (oneiric "Such a Dream"). Thus, there's no space for the symptoms of monotonny or dullness. These sounds are too much crystalline, too august to being up disregard them.

So, Jimpster couldn't do nothing better than releasing "0201" plate by his own imprint, Freerange Records, only. It's caused that Tur has excelled himself on debut album. It reflects an entirely atmosphere of house music roots, without a reduntant hastiness, thanks to delicately soft, grazed, catchy, laidback tempo, which carefully building a pith of grace of classical house. Interesting resourcefulness and full-fledged, impeccable tapestry. Pure pleasure for every ear at the highest level. Every fan of the sounds such as: Swayzak, Ian Pooley, Terry Thaemlitz and Recloose would like to crave them for, definitely. I bank on Manuel following album will be issued by Plastic City, hopefully. I'm looking forward this moment.

poniedziałek, 29 czerwca 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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