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Faze Action fathoms out above all

British veterans of warm deep house and bonny disco house scene - an entente brothers' Faze Action - comes back to their lush production activity from mid-90s. That's to say, Robin and Simon Lee have compiled fourth album in their dozens year history, entitled it cosmically "Status Energy", which will release as next Monday arrives.

album cover

For many years, Faze Action project was related to London-based house label, Nuphonic. Furthermore, they have developed two longplays for such as Plans & Designs, Moving Cities, pointing out that disco, disco house is just as great as it is played live, as well. Yeah it's true, Lee brothers are only the heads of this project, what actually was resolved into 6-piece band. Veritable vibrant, outstanding disco orchestra. Faze Action was either a little episode in its biography concerned downtempo label - Bar de Lune, for which recorded nu jazz album "Broad Soul" in 2004. And since then, Lee and Simon project has focused on EPs release and spinning their own label, Faze Action.

Three years after when it had been founded, they occurs with fourth (third as a house strictly) album. I was an exceptional lucky, whom could heard that whole stuff, the freshest eleven compositions. And I must fess up that, despite an inexorable passage of time, this collective energy is still bubbled over them. Polished, apple, sparkling bass sounds, slightly played up rhythmic beat and finally swirling classic trance pads in the air - that's an essence, a receipt for cosmic, far-out and astonishing disco house. And in addition, that sentual, spare utilities of vocal parts. Beautiful music. Twisted fine savior-faire.

Delicious and vintage sounds from "Stratus Energy" caused that well done arrangements are listening with deeply pleasure. Very nice session of listening. Definitely, every freak of classic, "black" house rhythms will appreciate their eternity. Each arrangement is endowed a revelant vibe and stellar style for whole album. For those favour an urbane house tones like The Rurals, Kevin Yost, Rick Wade or The Timewriter, I both frankly and wholeheartedly recommend to acquaint with Faze Action album. You can already do it now, by courtesy of Wordandsound.

piątek, 15 maja 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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