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The ambiguous Dzihan & Kamien's themes

True-born Europeans from Austria and also leading representatives (alongside Kruder & Doftmeister project) Viennese school of eclectic, complex sound of downtempo - Dzihan & Kamien duo - came back with a long-anticipated issue after their a long period of silence. So it's "Music Matters", their third studio album, which has saw the light of day suddenly in last Friday.

album sleeve

Just believe me or not, that I (we) have been in line for newest Vlado Dzihan and Mario Kamien's longplay for nearly seven years? Barring "The Dzihan & Kamien Orchestra Live in Vienna", their live, concert record of the excellent, collective opportunities, has elapsed so much time since Grand Riserva, the second album these the multinational artists whom settled in the heart of alphine Austria. At the end of 90s, they established there their own label, Couch Records, which I mentioned recently in the context of Love for Vacuum, debut album of young Austrian composer - Anja Plaschg.

But it's about time to take up guys from Dzihan & Kamien project, rather their latest album's efforts. In contrast to their prior longplays, Music Matters album seems being embedded in the classical and vintage pop, in which you can seek out lots of elements with finesse cinematic downtempo in common. As I said it had been betrayed at the outset along with voices by widely unknown Icelandic artist for me, Heldi Jonsoon, who reinforced my conviction. Thus, he has assisted the Viennese duo in many compositions involved, as well. If I have to be frank, I much prefer Dzihan & Kamien outputs, with which I could came to grips with their first two albums. Their willingness are expressed too vague on "Music Matter". Less both imaginativeness and scrupulousness, in favour of more songwriting rock songs with shallow claws.
Unfortunately, there is no many signs of organic, live downtempo sound boosted with the pinchs from uncharted Blue Planet's nookes, as well as a dollop house's agility. It's sensed a serious lack of all these components. As for me, it's graped strongly. Obviously, you have to probe "Music Matter", while don't expect the best arrangement as they could manage. But rather the tracks in sweet-sour sauce toward a hype of electro pop, nu rave creactions. I must be blunt, probably, you will get to like this album, or simply detest, otherwise. Actually, I'm in a second group.

wtorek, 28 kwietnia 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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