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Tenor as known as his dims

He isn't high-flown, neither a time-server-type, many would like to be this way, though. For me he's an paragon artist, one-man band as well. And I say it, despite that "4th Dimension" isn't any breakthrough, nor following crossed Rubicon. Besides, the time what I spent with this plate wasn't wasted, not at all. The quirky afro-funky rife fun from Suomi.

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In the face of Finn Lassi Lehto activities I have always approached in the twofold way. Pure affectional, firstly, on account of the fact that he registered with The Orchestra of the Great Theatre Lodz greatly astonishing album, "Out of Nowhere", extraordinary cinematic, labyrinthine jigsaw. One of those recordings has been beefed up by shooting a video, which I could not track down, unluckily. If someone of you found it, I would be thankful by posting your link at your comment. My second attitude, in turn, to Tenor is regarding with his advancement in the form of the open-heartedness as being himself, simply. From abuzz techno-pop Take My Baby, throughout catchy tech house The Year Of The Apocalypse, jarring jazz-rock in demolition house (Total Devastation) to mashing nujazz Let The Music.

So in fact, second Jimi's name is just "challange", hence, even it had not been any surprise for me, that Jimi embarked on new phaze, a liaison with African musician from Kabu Kabu band, in 2007. At the end of the day, "Joystone", their first common album, has transpired where soul worship is originated from Sunrise. After two years of this plate, Tenor and his African dynamites from Berlin have met again toghether to create sonic world in the new dimn .... in  4th Dimension. When last time was provided by floating and acquainted themselves with afrobeat surface, so this time Jimi stepped into the centre of music range of Black Land. And in his own way, certainly.

Impetuous and savage Finn profile (his awesome, rapid bounds with electric piano) is bashing into demotic afro funk in "Highter Styx". It sounds at least metaphysically, otherworldly. And could you ever hear African broken beat at one time? I've never, but Jimi has already paved this way out and away composing hiperactive turbojam "Mystery Spot" from. If this tune is galvanised you, you will be the horrible sourpusses :pppp. Certain Fela Kuti would have danced along with Sun Ra in the spirit world in order to carry the news, if Africa had come off the proverty, lastly.

And up, still more things, about thom I could considered in "4th Dimension" context. That astute, jazz-rockish twister's name "Mogadishu Ave" is derived from the place, part of Helsinki, where Somalian people inhabit and live. For the second time the Finnish-African coadjuvancy has yielded the lush, bonny, juicy fruits. However, its isn't nothing novel, because the African music is onward "discovered" for recent pretty dozens years.

Generally Tenor hasn't recording something pastige, on no account. It's plain music cranked out by the man from the country, where the words like "adversity" as well as "abasement" weren't singled out as often and frequently as in the history of Africa. Together with other genuine characterestics of remaininig, golden music export of Finland (Nuspirit Helsinki, The Stance Brothers with Ricky-Tick Records label, Sasse, Pan Sonic, Brothomstates, Jori Hulkkonen, Vladislav Delay, Op:l Bastards). After the hype of electro didn't come out season for afrobeat, hopefully.

piątek, 13 marca 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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