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JR & PH7 duo divulge their codex

I've never heard about them before. It means together, because I stumbled across with single PH7 arrangement invetions like Audijens's Affenhaus. But now this Cologue-based duo will fix up their first studio album. JR & PH7 longplay named "The Standard" and drop March 20th.

album cover

Except for few tracks appear on various compilations and couple EPs, literally: Fast Line Speedin', The End is Near, released in Japan, this German pair consist of strict beatmaker specialists can't have more to crow about. All will shift a gear after an advent of "The Standard", their longplay wraps up previous stuff from singles mentioned by me, too. But don't concern what it would be German-speaking rapping domain. Fortunately, they have hooked up with American representatives such as: Rakaa Iriscience from Dilated Peoples (he also commited into promotion this plate by himself), Guilty Simpson (a part of Stones Throw family) and Black Milk among others.

Even thought not only US hip hop officials occurs on this album. A wizadry of JR & PH7 album outlines by splendid vocals Larrisa Sirah's contribution (like in suave "The World Keeps Turnin'"). As far as you have perceived I don't favour rapping hip hop, but yet I have to go against the grain, once more. Why? What's a wherefore? For very admirable classic "The Standard" sounds, both lush funk and celestial soul. Like its title, a bunch of non-removable, perennial standards. Moreover, each a word spoken by either invited guests, is the word which everyone should worth regard as well as take deeply to heart. That's it sure enough that I'm keen on hip hop legacy: laidback, mellow, decent beats with suitable accordant dinkum rapers, instead of eager guys of their mersh that boast possess many cars, banged tens girls or can't estimate the gold value on their chest. By JR & PH7 duo mightly, marvellous period of hip hop has drawn a crowd on our blue planet, included myself, as well. Personally, I can't secede from listening velvet, ear-watering beauty "I Don't Know Why" and retrospective tepid rays beam from "Summer Chill".

The rhythms straight from mind, rhymes flow from heart. "The Standard" album will release on Austrian Supercity imprint in which website you can find these Cologue's snippets. Do you need something more? An answer is "yes", I guess :-). So two things to top off: official trailer and DJ set riped for upcoming JR & PH7 stuff.

wtorek, 03 marca 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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