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Snazzy antique Beyond The Wizards Sleeve's boat

In long time I wonder and ask question myself: where are you going, rock music? In recent year or two years ago, we could catch sight of flooding instrumental rock bands, mostly of them didn't carry in any adding value. Thus and thenceforth, I'm sceptical and wary toward this scene, seriously. But blessing in disguise, it has some kind of witchy logic which brought me off to the gates of "Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Ark 1", the Beyond The Wizards Sleeve debut album. If you like all-purpose, trancey sounds of eerie, psychedelic rock, odd krautrock strains and vital rock'n'roll derive many sides of world, you will not pass by it incuriously.

album sleeve

Seemingly, the originators should comprise numerous-members band. In substance, they aren't. It just a conjuction of old and new, if you will. On the one hand I received a face of Richard Norris from legendary, audible and linked with rave boom, in particular, The Grid project (I've broached them few months ago in contex of Doppelganger, their newest album at my post, in Polish only). On the other hand, at the corner either, both rising star and stellar remixer, Erol Alkan who, paradoxical, unknown truly for me.

As I hinted earlier, Beyond The Wizards Sleeve duo toke advantage of fourteen rare, vintage, uncommon tracks made by diverse, often forgotten, artists. However, they don't remix, neither slash them, but liven them up in incongruous way. So they haven't changed their cornerstones, focusing own aim and whole force through underline and give impetus classic sounds. The source compositions are as such genuine and out-of-this-world as I sometimes had staid quandaries with outguess major of those from Beyond The Wizards Sleeve Ark 1, of course. Should I marvel myself? No, certainly, if I've heard first time mesmerising funk-rock fusion, both acrid and wriggling, tribal hides, straightforward from Turkey ("Aglarsa Anam Aglar") pulling out as well as dusting down somewhere out of 60s. In addition, Monkees's mirage which entirely was gone walkabout fetching up on desert and unwinds then in "Dig It". It doesn't lack of plethora sonic, off beat impressions. Do you urge chemical big beat in affair with Hungarian spacey rock? Here you are - try and probe convivial, brilliant "Don't Cry Girl". Meahwhile "Light Years" (it's patently 2000 Light Year From Home cover) conveys riding away Rolling Stones's journey into immaterial intricacy of world soul.

Plenty of enraptured paramounth experiences. Apart from out of range and unlike to mass duplications instrumental rock (MGR y Destructo Swarmbots for example) or nu rave (Telepathe for instance) schemes which I'm fed up to the back teeth, sick and tired either. This compilation of Norris-Alkan duo's output (selected tracks from their prior four EPs, correctly) is situated above recent Kranky's players, Cloundland Canyon band album, Lie in Light. More and up more authentic, esoteric and towering outings within spirit of florid and airy-fairy granolas' period. Anyway, trial their performance from Manchester two years ago.

piątek, 27 lutego 2009, marcin.nieweglowski

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